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How can I edit dimensions?



I went through a 1 week training session for Solid Edge some time ago (the only CAD training I have had) and worked a number of tutorials but I never actually used it. Now I have to do something practical and the first thing that stumped me should be easy to do but I can't figure it out. I drew the part I needed (a protrusion) and it looked pretty good. Then I needed to put a mounting boss on it. When I put the boss in place, it was out in space, not connected to the original part. Then I realized I had misdimensioned the original part. Now when I try to change the dimension, the number changes with an underline but the image doesn't change and the boss is still hanging out in space. There must be an easy way to correct this. (I hope so because I frequently make mistakes with dimensions. Even if I get them right the first time, somebody else changes them)
Try a regen...

I don't use SE but it sounds like you have not regenerated the model. As with all parametric solid modelers, they allow you to change dimensions on the fly and will mark the dimensions that have been changed either with ( ), [ ] or ___. This is a visual cue to let you know that you have to regenerate the part. Doing so will update all dimensions and display the part properly. Check to see if this is the case. There should be a regen icon to do this.

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As soon as I saw "regenerate" I remembered. Of course I haven't remembered how to do it (no Icon that I could find) but now I can check some manuals and find out how to do it in SE.
Thanks again for your prompt response.
Other names for regenerate

SE may have another name for "regenerate" such as "replay" or "update" the part's history. You can also try looking up "history". Remember also that we have many SE resources, see below:

SE Tips

SE Tutorials

SE Books

SE Models

SE Downloads

Good luck!
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regenerate ???

I am sort of a rooky but I will try to help.

I have had the same problem but have never had to regenerate the model in SE.

The diminsion with a line under it means it is in conflict another diminsion.

Right click and edit the part. then edit the profile and see if another diminsion is holding it there. Also click edit definition and see it there is a diminsion there holding it where it is.

Sounds like you made that protrusion on a different plane. (maybe)

This could be all wrong but it is what I would try.
It is called 'RECOMPUTE' or 'UPDATE' in Solid Edge.

1st things 1st. When you try to edit a dimension value and it results in an underlined value, it simply means the dimension is unable to change to the given value but reflected the modified value anyway in underlined form. This is due to conflicting dimensions or constraints from other elements.

To create a mounting boss, you'll 1st define a parallel plane with an offset from the target solid surface. Next you define the boss parameters from the options dialog and complete the command by specifying the arrow towards the solid surface. You can still later edit the boss parameters or positioning by using either 'EDIT DEFINITION' or 'DYNAMIC EDIT'.

A tool to use in 2D sketch environment to aid your constrainting techniques and dimensioning is the 'RELATIONSHIP ASSISTANT'. This tool can be found in sketch environment at,

Hope this helps. ;)

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