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How can I get rid of this Error Message?

ben alba

New member
Just recently I uninstalled v2005, and installed v2006 of Solidworks, and when I cleaned the Registry of v2005, I think I deleted a couple of Registry Keys or maybe permission files. When I invoke Solidworks 2006, I now get a message that reads..."Failed to update System Registry, please try using Regedit". I simply click OK a couple of times, and it proceeds to install normally.
I saw in another Forum where another person had the very same problem, and it was recommended to him to try to use the "Repair" function of the install disk. I did try it, but it did not work. My suspicion is that the repair function has no control over the Registry, which of course is part of Windows XP, and I am now contemplating re-installing Windows XP. Before I do this and get myself into more trouble, does someone by any chance know the correct procedure to replace the files that I have either deleted by mistake, or toggle back on again, what I have, in my dumbness, toggled off?
I would appreciate your help on this,
Ben Alba
Reinstall of Solidworks not the solutiion

I have tried reinstalling Solidworks, with no change. The registry files that are either gone or altered are part of Windows, not Solidworks. If anything has to be reinstalled it would be Windows XP, which I am reluctant to do. Could cause more grief than the annoyance that I go through now.
Thanks for your response, though.

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