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How do I add a symbol to a string of text?

Adding Drawing Symbols to Notes

You can include a drawing symbol in a note if its instance is present in the drawing. To include a symbol, use the following format:


Type the symbol filename without an extension.

Note: You cannot call out drawing symbols in dimensions that are stored with the model (those of type d or ad).

When you include an instance of a generic symbol, after you type the symbol name, select groups that compose the instance (this is similar to creating instances of a generic symbol).

For example, if a drawing contains an instance of the symbol bevel, to include the symbol in a note, type [&sym(bevel)].

When you edit a note, the system represents the symbol in the following format:


where n is the number of the text element, and sym_path is the name or pathname of the symbol.

Note: Pro/ENGINEER displays a drawing symbol in the text note to which it is added, but it does not display it in the dimension text line. Dimension text resides in Part mode; therefore, it may not acquire drawing symbols that reside in Drawing mode.

To Include the Symbol:


Click Insert > Note.

Type the note in the format described earlier.

Specify the symbol height.

For an instance of a generic symbol, select groups to compose the instance. To complete the instance description, type variable text, if necessary.

To finish the note, press the ENTER key twice.

*Here's a tip: if you place the symbol in the drawing first you won't need to provide
the symbol path. Then erase the original symbol or move it to where you will use it.*
You can use detailings sketcher to create the symbol, then edit it to include text as a note. It can be any text, as long as it is enclosed between backslashes. Then it will be possible to go to the Variable Text page of Properties and edit this text 'field'. Generally, this is text that
will fit inside the symbol, a number or letter. With BOM balloons, it is something
like \rpt_index\.
> Also how do I add a symbol to a string of text.

If want to add symbol to a string use - &symbol(symbol_name), so, if you had a symbol named BALLOON2 to show a quantity as text to the right of the balloon, your syntax would be &symbol(balloon2).

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