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How do I draw a cushion for a sofa or a chair in 3D

» How do I draw a cushion for a sofa or a chair in 3D?

Hello Stephm:

Generally speaking in modeling terms: Assuming that the cushing is square, you could use a mesh patch surface with 2 guide curves to define the cross-section in both directions at the center of the cushion. The guide curves must intersect in the center and be coincident (must touch) the 4 outer edge curves. If the cushion is "tuffed" at the center, then you can add the "tuffed" cross-section to each guide curve. If you use multile curves for each guide curve then be sure to concatenate (join) them end to end to form a single curve entity. If you need more definition, you can add guide curves to bothe direction following the same guidelines. See if there is such a surface command in ADT.

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Do you want actual 3D solid?

If so, create a BOX the size you want and fillet it. Then create a polyline around the top edge, fillet it, then extrude a circle along it's path for the cording. Copy it down to the bottom. 5-15 minutes. Good luck.

Draw a path, i.e. a rectangle, draw in the ucs that is perpendicular to the ucs where in you drew the rectangle, a profile of the cushion that stops in the middle of the cushion (meaning a half-section of the cushion). Activate Sweep, select the path and the profile and there you have it.
If you use a closed polyline for the profile, you get a solid; if the profile is open you get a mesh.
Approximately 1 min 30 sec, depending of the complexity of the path and the profile.
Hi, Could you please share the photos of making the cushions, I am trying here in Australia but still not successful!

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