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How do I export a mesh to excel?



Hello every body

I’m trying to export a mesh in to an excel file but, the problem is that the arrangement is not very good, what I mean with this is that it gives the coordinates of the nodes as follows:

GRID* 1 0,000000000 100,025584679 1
* 1 9,985149758
GRID* 2 50,000000000 100,025584679 2
* 2 9,985149758
So on and so forth

But for the proyect that I’m working on this is not very helpful

My question is if there is any way that I can change the out put of the nodes to a useful form

In columns X Y Z

O and I’m working with surfaces

Thank you very much

Hello Zafae,

Since I don't do meshing or analysis, I asked one of my buddies about your problem. He said he's had similar problems, and he found the easiest/quickest thing to do was to just edit the data with Excel. He said he would re-organize the data by copying the X Y Z columns into new columns and then copy those three columns into a new spreadsheet.

Hope that helps with your project :) (what are you using for a Solver?)

Hej MrCatia,

Thank you very much for your reply, unfortunatly this procedure is not very helpful for my project since it will take to much time and the models that I'm working on are very big.

But thank you very much for taking the time to find something.

about the solver, well what do you mean?

(as you can see I'm not very knowledgeable in CATIA)

Best regards


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