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How do I make the thread of a screw visible


Well, I drew a cylindrical shape and used "thread or a tab"
to create a thread on the shape. The thread was created but by default it was invisible.

How can I make the thread visible?

Thank you


Super Moderator
CATIA V5 does not show the threaded features defined with the Thread and Tap tool. Same with threaded Holes. Instead, there is a Thread Analysis tool (bottom menu) that will highlight threaded features and display the thread size. Also, drawings made from parts/assemblies with treaded features will show the thread symbols.

Graphically, threads are very complex shapes that require a lot of graphic resources to display. The CATIA developers choose to not display 3D threads to avoid impacting performance.

If you want to see the actual thread in the 3D model, you have to model it yourself. Use the Rib or Slot to sweep a thread profile along a Helix curve


Yes, I knew how to use rib along a helix to make a thread profile with sweeping but didn't know the usage of "thread and tab" yet. I used it in my recent exercise. It is a ready and comfortable method but sadly its invisibility affect its advantages. This reduces having a good sense during designation.
Although you explained, why the developers made it invisible (for a higher performance), nonetheless I wished it was visible always to make a better sense.

Thank you for your enlightening :)


Do you wanna see that on 3D model?
Yes I want. MrCATIA explained how I can make the thread visible and I will examine that later. But as I told, I wished it was visible in 3D just after creating the thread ( like the rib and slot method)

Excuse me that I couldn't respond your post sooner