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How do I remove the default text?


New member
Hello everybody,

How do I remove the default text appearing in the template title box?
I have tried many a times, but alas. If I go for a textbox, the new text is appearing over the default one like Company Name in the background and the name I enter pasted over it.
Please help.
Either select; then Edit the text, or select; then delete it, before boxing in new text. Then save it to a new template name to retain title block info if you are going to use it in the future. Hope this helps! :)

Thanks for ur reply, but the solution u told doesn't work. The text which is there on template can't be selected.
I'm sending the images of how does it look like before and after writing the text.
the first pic shows the default template A4 without the text written on it. The solution which you have told does not work here.

In the second pic, the text is written by making use of a text tool box. But the newly written text appears alongwith the already present one.
I want to remove the text which is there in the first pic.


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