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How do I repeat and change the holes with a parametric method?


I want to repeat the small circle eight times in a circular path, through the parametric method so that when I change the size or position one of the holes, all holes follow the changes.

I tried to use "integer" option in f(x) but don't know how to constrain and repeat the small circle so that when I change the values relative to the circle, the eight holes in the solid shape follow the change altogether?

I found out the approach. My problem was that, I used the sketch in one stage, while I should used pad for the bigger circle in one step and then backed to sketch workbench again, and drew the smaller circle as the hole and used pocket, then used circular pattern based on the relative parameter to repeat the holes circularly. By changing the "integer" or "size" or "position parameters, the changes would apply.

Thank you all
I would have done the same thing! Pad, Pocket, and Circular Pattern, with Parameters for Hole Radius and Number of Holes, and maybe Bolt Circle Radius

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