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How do I work with the User Pattern in GSD


I found this instruction about "user pattern" in a tutorial PDF but it hadn't a clear explanation for me. Of course the brief article was about the user pattern in the Part Design but I neither could create the vertical pattern in the PD nor in GSD. In fact, I don't know how to work with the user pattern and don't know how to create the path of the repeated holes on the shape. Please teach me how to work with.

Thank you


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This looks like an interesting solution, that I'm not sure I understand. Could you attach a copy of the pdf?


Yes I can, but there is just the same unexplained piece in the pdf and isn't extra illustration herein.



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Thanks for sending the PDF, but it is just a CENIT document listing some of the new features in the 2018 release of CATIA. It's not a tutorial or training document at all.

So, my very wild guess at how the solid part was created based on the picture in the original post:
1. Pad a sketch of a circle to make the cylinder
2. add a Pocket for the first slot
3. add a Helix curve along the outside diameter of the cylinder
4. use the Object Repetition tool to space a series of Axis Systems along the Helix curve (a Geometric Set may be been used to group all the Axis into a single set.
5. As the picture above shows, use the User Defined Pattern to copy the Pocket (slot) and place at every Axis System

(I'm not able to verify my steps, since this uses some of the newer features in a new release)
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