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How do i?


New member
I just started using Wildfire 2.0 and have a quick question.
When i open my previous part before,in the dashboard appears "\001.prt.1' cannot be retrieved".
Some parts can open,but some are can't open.How can solve this problem?
Please,help me.:confused:
I have not faced this problem. However I would suggest the following...

1. Proengineer gives the parts a version number as you modify and save the part as *.prt.1, *.prt.2 and so on.
If the earlier version is purged, and if you are trying to retrieve it, you cannot.

2. To overcome this problem, do not open the file from File -> menu. Instead open it from File --> Open... or from session (i.e if you have not closed a proe session).

3. This problem can also occur if you have deleted all the versions of the file from File --> Delete--> all versions.

4. To remove it from memory, use File --> Erase --> Not shown

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