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How many people are actually using ADT



The small firm I work for has been trying to get up to speed with Archtectural Desktop 2006 and we are finding that it is a real hassle trying to get to a point where we can actually be productive again. Is anybody realy up to speed on this is is it just our imagination ?:-|


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Answer 1

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:) Reply From: calpolyarc
Date: Jan/11/06 - 19:49 (GMT)
Reply Re: Is anyone up to speed yet?
I work for a small residential firm and I feel up to speed on 2006. The only problem is I'm the only one in the office who has it installed, aside from the principal who also installed it simply so he can open up my projects using the sheet set. We've had 2006 since it came out. I feel it is extremely easy to get up to speed on 2006 assuming of course that you are already up to speed on 2004 or 2005.

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Answer 2 (Good Advice)

We found relative information for your question on the Autodesk Discussion Board:

:) Reply From: jmcintyre
Date: Jan/11/06 - 21:17 (GMT)
Reply Re: Is anyone up to speed yet?
It depends on your definitions of 'up to speed'.
We broke the implementation up into 3 stages, which was far more managable and gained the best productivity advantages as quickly as possible. If you try to tackle ADT in one hit, you may struggle.

This is how we addressed the implementation-

You first get your head around walls, doors, windows in 2D only. These are the greatest time savers.

When you have mastered that (after a real project or two) add stairs, columns, curtain walls, slabs, roofs. Once 'the penny drops' and you get a feel for ADT you'll find it easier.

Then (after a few more projects) you can tackle the full 3D, scheduling, and all the other tools.

You also need to be able to call on the help of a guru to provide the proper training & assistance.

Good luck.
Thanks for the question!;-) Q&A Board Support


Implementing ADT

I agree. Start with Walls, Doors, Windows and Grids. You can gain productivity from this alone. I have setup many companies with ADT and the biggest mistake is trying to do it all at once. (There is a ton of free up to date ADT Video tutorials at )

Then create Network Palettes for single point control of all of the content above. All users wiil see the same palettes and it's controlled by the CAD manager. This is KEY. :p It ensures office standards, consistancy across projects and ease of control.

I have just published 3 great Video Tutorials, that are getting great reviews, on how easy you can network your palettes. See three links below. (right click the link and click 'save target as' to download.

Hard copy of tutorial in PDF format

Part 1 of the Networking Palettes Video Tutorial - Theory - 6 minutes

Part 2 of the Networking Palettes Video Tutorial - Demo - 9 minutes


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