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How should you implement custom properties to calculate and update assembly cost?


New member
What I have already figured out:

- Change the custom property of single part to contain part cost
- Display the part cost in the drawing BOM
- Calculate total assembly cost in the BOM

What I would like to do:

- Have the custom property associated with the cost of the assembly automatically update with the cost of the assembly calculated in the BOM

Why I want to do it:

- In large assemblies with many nested assemblies the cost can be calculated automatically even with changes in cost of lower level assemblies

My current solution:

- Calculate the cost of the assembly in the drawing BOM (automatic), but then manually change the custom property of the assembly to reflect the cost of the total assembly.

I know I could just display the BOM in the master drawing with all components shown and calculate the cost that way, but I am really looking for a solution that utilizes a top level BOM.

I hope my question is clear and any answer or partial solution is appreciated.