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How Solidworks is important in various industries?

Solidworks design and drawings support to the various sectors such as aerospace, automotive, aeronautical, sheet metal, manufacturing and many more.

How Solidworks is important in various industries?


New member
I don´t get the point of your question i guess...

You mean how important it is? Why it is important? Is it important at all?


Kevin De Smet

New member
...it's important because a mistake made on the computer is fixed in a few days for a couple hundred dollars of man hours, whereas a mistake made in manufacturing discovered while the pieces are being put together can easily mean weeks of rework and thousands of dollars in cost :)
SolidWorks is a widely used 3D CAD software. More people are learning SolidWorks software because more companies are demanding it. SolidWorks software can accelerate a business. More and more companies and experts conduct their day-to-day business with SolidWorks software. A worldwide network of suppliers, job shops, consultants, manufacturers, and designers make SolidWorks design solutions a standard for rapid product development and innovative design.

There is no doubt that SolidWorks is the #1 tool of choice when it comes to design engineering.