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how to add a body as linked solid to another body


New member
hi there
i come across a file at work that has tree like the uploaded pic.
they designed a forge part in one body and then add it to a another body as a solid
then for example add a hole to that solid
now if i change the external diameter of forge part(first body) the second body will change too(basicly every body is linked to previous body)
it seems very helpful for parts that machined multiple times.


  • 03.JPG
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Super Moderator
That's called a "multi-bodied part" which can be used many different ways, such as the multi-operation machining process that you described in your post.

Another use is parts made of more than one material, with each Body used to define each material. Example: plastic molded part with a rubber overlay.

I've seen some people use this for assemblies, with each part is a different body. I prefer to use a CATProduct for assemblies, instead of a CATPart.

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