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How to bend a cylender?


New member
I am trying to add a bend to a part (cylinder with 20 mm dia with a sphere on the end) which I have. What I want is around 10 degrees of bend to the cylinder shaft. How can this be done?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
1st sketch; create a centreline of the bent cylinder.
2nd sketch; create a work plane on one end of the centreline, draw a 20mm circle centred on the end of your centreline.
Use the sweep command to sweep the circle along the centreline.
Hi Barak,
If you want a constant cross section, then it would be better to use sweep command instead of extrude or revolve command as narrated by nigelH.
The basic idea is to draw the centerline of the part with a sketch and the profile on another sketch perpendicular to the first.

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