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How to convert a solid model into sheetmetal?


New member
Have created a 'tank' using (solid) extrude tool & shell tool. Can this be converted into sheetmetal and then be unfold into a 'flat pattern'. TQ.
converting solid into sheetmetal

U made a tank. u would like to convert it.

Here's how u can do it. open the solid part ( the tank u made). I think it might be a cube with top surface open by shell option.
Click Applications from ur menu bar. Select sheetmetal in the drop down list. from the menu manager select Driving srf (since u already made shell dont go for shell option in the menu manager). It prompts u to select surface to be used as driving sheet metal surface, U select the bottom surface. Enter the desired thickness. your GUI will now be changed to sheetmetal mode.
Now click insert from menu bar, select conversion. SMT CONVERSION box will open. select edge rip and click define. select the 4 outer edges which connects the side walls. click done sets. U can define the corner relief if u want. or else click OK. u can now see the ripped edges.
Now u can use flat pattern to unfold the part.

Hope it'll be helpful. If any other information needed please let me know
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Solid to sheetmetal.

Thankyou underworld00. It works for a 'sharp' corners tank; but how about a 'curve' corners tank? For example, a 'open-top' tank with all (8) other corners having a radius of 30mm?:confused:
solid to sheetmetal

Hi idoque_le,
I don't think the shape u r talking about can be manufactured by sheetmetal bending process. It can be done by Punch and die (forming) process.
Therefore u dont have to flatten it. Anyway if u really want to do it, use unbend option instead of flat pattern. select the bottom surf when prompts for fixed geometry and select the four round surfaces which connects the sidewalls when prompts for surfaces to deform. but u won't get accurate results by this above method. (u get a polygon shaped flatwall).
If u reallly want to create a component like the one u asked for and flat pattern it, u should start from sheetmetal directly instead of solid modelling.
If any other information needed please reply. Thanks.:)
Round Corner Sheet Metal Tank

You can convert the solid tank to a sheetmetal tank. Using the the same process mentioned earlier, its just that you will have a more difficult time "ripping". You will need to choose the tangent edges of your radii. I'm assuming a 4 sided tank, so if you choose the two tangent edges on one side, then the two tangent edges on the opposite side you should be able to do this. If the flat pattern will have two rectangles bigger than the other two, as these will have the material that becomes the radii. If you have a radiused bottom as well, apply this technique to those edges too.
Hope this is helpful.

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