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How to convert an Assembly to good quality image files?


New member
I took the screenshot of an assembly by pressing PrintScreen but the quality is very poor...
Even if I anyhow make/convert to pdf, tiff or anything... Well I can do it but the lines won't be smoother.
Any suggestions.
Save As

Try.... File.... Save As..., the select "save as type" and jpg.
Sould work fine if you're using Version 10 or 11.

If you use Inventor 10 or 11 you can use the application "Inventor Studio". This application creates high quality image files for your parts, assemblies and presentation files. You can choose background add lightning and do much more. I use it to create good quality image files for a great visualisation of the design to show our customers.:D
Hi Berke,
Do the "save as" to a bmp but go to options and increase the resolution to about 2400. Makes a huge bitmap but open with an imaging package and save as jpg.
Go to CBliss's site
Charles has an add-in called "save to jpeg and compiled xgl" this works very well if you don't have IV10 or 11 or studio. The other bonus of using this is the compiled xgl files. This creates a self contained .exe that allows you to veiw a 3d model without inventor. If you want to give your boss a copy of a model and they don't have inventor or other 3d program, you can send them the .exe file. The addin also creates compiled dwf and stereo bitmap files.
I can add to the bmp output- Select colors to be Presentation. This produces bmp with black lines on a white background. My pubs man was able to use this for his catalog graphics.

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