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How to create a safe 3d-model for outsiders


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I'm trying to create a 3d-model that doesn't give too much information. The file goes to a third-party member that only needs the main dimensions. And the company I work obviously doesn't want to leak any extra information about its products.
I have tired to create a CGR-file, but that doesn't fit for the purpose. The File is much lighter than the original assembly, which is a good thing. But it basically contains all the same data that the original assembly and you can see all the parts that the product contains. It is relatively easy to copy the product, when you can measure all the parts used.
Then I tried to use DMU-optimizer to create a safe structure. I thought Wrapping would be the answer, but it didn't work like I wanted it to work. Although it removed all the classified information, it also made the document way too massive. After removing numerous of surfaces and curves and replacing them with solid mass. I had a cgr-model that's file size was way bigger than cgr-model with contains all the unwanted extra data. Also almost all the edges had rounded (some a lot), which might be the reason for the massive model.
Silhouette operation doesn't work either. First it looks good, you can specify how many "cameras" you use to create silhouette-model. Well that gives you the impression where the cameras (depending how many you use) will capture the image of the product (just like in real life) and produce a model based on those images. Once again seems that I have mistaken. Unlike in real life these cameras will see inside the body and once again I can see all the bearings and other stuff. Compare this to x-ray camera.
So is there any way to create a model that show all the outer planes and nothing that is inside the body. Just like you can't see in the buildings unless you open the door. And in this case the door is locked, although there are few windows.
It wouldn't be a bad thing if the file could be saved in neutral cad-format like IGES, but for starters CGR would do the job.

Catia version that I'm using is R15
In addition outsiders don't even need to know the material thicknesses that we use.
Here's one method you could try: under Tools select the "Generate CATPart from CATProduct" and produce a single CATPart from your Product. Then save this CATPart as an stl (Rapid Prototyping) file. This gives you a complete outer body but restricts being able to see what is hidden. Maybe this will work for you. You do need the extra license to enable the saving of stl data, however.
CGR (CATIA Graphic Representations) are not commonly used by other software outside of CATIA.

IGES or STEP might be better options.

Or maybe something like 3DXML or Acrobat's new 3D pdf format.
Typically, most people just copy the PartBody in a CATPart and Paste As Result into a new part, to get a 'dumb' solid model (no history) that no one can modify.

However, it contains the complete part with all the internal features and walls.

You might want to delete or deactivate all the internal features first, and then do the Copy & Paste As Result to get 'dumb' solid of only the external shape.

Or extract the outside surfaces from the solid and Copy & Paste As Result just the surfaces.

My best guess is to make a special CATPart from your assembly, and only copy in the information you want to share outside of your company. Using the Paste As Result With Link will allow you to update this special part when your assembly has been modified.

I've never done 'wrapping' with DMU, but that sounds like it will do what you want, and I suggest exploring it more.

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Thanks for all the replys. I think what flanakins suggested might work. Atleast it would be worth trying for. Delelting, deactivating or copy/paste is no option in this case, because there are lots of visible and hidden surfaces. So that would require too much extra work.

I'm not so sure about the wrapping-tool in this case. There isn't so much parameters that you can chancge. Basically the only adjustable value is Grain. In this case the product is physically so big that smallest Grain-value Catia lets me use is 10mm. That makes all the sharp edges round and unaccurate. Basically that is no problem, but the way how the rounded surfaces are created makes the model very big and clumpsy. In smaller products all parts that propably is the best/fastest solution.

But I will try on the assembly->allcatpart->STL method. And if that works I'll let you know
product-> allcatpart-> STL method didn't work. It didn't remove any information and all the parts that were inside the product still remaind. So when using section view you can measure the whole structure. It may not be as good as blueprints, but it's not so far away from that. So I'm still looking for solution. I'll let you know if/when I find it.
Have you tried the "Silhouette" in DMU? Would this perhaps be of help?

Yes I did. That was one of the first things I tryed and I still can't understand why silhouette can see the parts that are behind something. That doesn't make any sence. There should be somekind of X-Ray off swich.
I'm pretty sure that I'm propably using these tools wrong, but I haven't found anybody who can tell me where the broblem is (might be that I cant explain the case properly).

Another possible option is to save your Product as *.3dxml file format. It will definitely be (very) lightweight. And it wouldn't even require any CAD package for your target 3rd party to view it (just need to download Dassault's player...or view it in Word or PPT).

On the surface, 3dxml seems to be specifically designed for what you want to do. I don't think that you could include any dimensions however...if that's important to you.

Hope this helps...

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