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How to create an involute curve in 3D (sketch or GSD)


New member
Hi everyone,

I'm having a problem when using Catia to draw involute curves.
The idea is that to draw gear's teeth which are informed from
involute curves.:confused:

Is there anyone has the same problem or knows the solution for that?


New member
Thank you!
It's a big help!

But it takes so many steps to complete these things.
Hope that there will be some tools for them in next release of Catia
However I've learn alot from these instructions.

Thank you one more time!
I'm your fan :p


New member
Accurate Involute Programme

I have written an application in Visual Basic that will produce an accurate gear form, take a look at my web site and download a trial version and try for yourselves, you will find nothing better than this i can assure you.