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How to create blocks inside drawing?


New member
Is there a command that creates a block from different objects inside the drawing. Some what opposite to explode command.
How to create blocks inside drawings

Here is the way I creat blocks inside drawings.
on the command line type, WBLOCK this will bring up the wright block dialog box, it will then ask you for the insertion point, after you pick the insertion point it will ask you to select the object that you want to makke a block. then it will ask you if you want to save the block and if you do it will ask you where. Using this method you can use the block over and over in as many drawing as you would like. I have made a whole Block Library from different parts of drawings that I have done over the years. Hope this Helps..

hi Alanna,

besides all the other solutions given and if you do not care about block name
you can do :

1) copyclip "ctrl+c" (with basepoint preferencial "ctrl+shift+c" )
2) then do an "ctrl+shit+v" or paste as block (in edit + paste as block)

if you desire to rename the block simply write in command prompt -> rename

:) if any questions ask :)

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