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how to create patterns either rectangular or angular in proe



how to create patterns either rectangular or angular in proe2001?
We have many tips for this question - please take a look.

You can search the Pro/ENGINEER tips category for the following 19 tips regarding patterns in Pro/ENGINEER. Not sure which if any are specific to Pr/E2001:

A Tip For When Ref Patterns Get Confused.
Source:Synthesis Engineering Services

Creating Circular Patterns With A Single Ring
Source:CAD Digest Weekly

Creating Hole Patterns Around The Edge Of A Plate-the Smart Way
Source:proFiles Magazine

Detailing Assembly With Ref Patterns

Driving A Table-driven Pattern Through Relations
Source:proFiles Magazine

How To Create Triangular Patterns
Source:proFiles Magazine

Modeling Tricks For Making Patterns.
Source:Synthesis Engineering Services

Pattern Relations

Patterns In Pro-engineer

Patterns To Follow A Curve
Source:Synthesis Engineering Services

Polygons And Patterns In Sketches
Source:MSM Groups

Pro/engineer Tip-of-the-month: When Ref Patterns Get Confused
Source:Synthesis Engineering Systems

Rotational Patterns
Source:MCAD Central

Speeding Up Large Patterns
Source:proFiles Magazine

Speeding Up Large Patterns

Tricks To Making Patterns
Source:CADProe Forums

Using Groups To Make Patterns Of Feature Patterns.
Source:Synthesis Engineering Services

Working With Patterns


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