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How to delete spectree?



I want to delete all the features in the spectree and replace with a simple solid part, as I do not want the other person know how the model was created.
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You can toggle off/on the Spec Tree with the F3 button on your keyboard, but I don't think that's what you want.

To remove a part's history:

Copy the PartBody from your good CATPart and Paste Special, As Result into a new CATPart. The new part is just a dumb, isolated solid with no history of how it was created and you can send this to the other person.
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Hi MrCatia,
We want the drawing to stay linked with the new part as you said, I think it is possible if the file is saved in a other name but not possible if the file is new.
Don't you want the drawing to remain linked to the original CATPart (with feature history), so the drawing will update when you make changes to the solid?

I would send the drawing and the new (copied) CATPart to the other person. They are not linked - but who cares. The other person is not making changes is he?

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