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How to divide a circle into several equal segments?


New member
I wanted to divide a circle into several equal segments, how can this be done.
Please advice.
Thanks in advance.
An equally divided circle

Hi! Barbod,

It’s easy, but you will have to draw in the ‘pie cuts’ yourself.
I’m using AutoCAD 2005 but this should work for most any other version as well.

Draw your circle.

Method one.
Next check to see if your point entities are set to anything other than a dot or you will not see the nodes appear on your circle line.
Go to FORMAT-POINT STYLE…. and select for example an x.
Then go to DRAW-POINT-DIVIDE and select the circle entity.
If somewhere in their wisdom Autodesk has moved the Divide command from one Acad version to another just type in DIVIDE.
Type in the number of segments you want the circle to be divided up into and return.
Now draw in the lines from each node point to the centre.

Method two.
The second method is to use the polygon command with the polygons centre in the centre of the circle, drawn out to the edge of the circle line. Then draw lines from the points of contact to the centre.


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You can also do this..Use the polar array..Draw a line from the center of the circle to the array then the line you just drew then the command line will ask for the center point.. how many items in the many degrees to the array and then wether to rotate the items to match the degrees to each item..yes..if you want it to have 10 items..360 degrees..rotate? yes aand then it will create the lines

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