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How to draw a 3-D solid dodecahedron?



For a school project, we have to make a 3-D solid dodecahedron and neither the students or the teacher know what to do. We have a 3-d dodecahedron, but drawn, but it is not a solid.
Help. Thank you.
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I would start with a solid sphere, then use cutting planes to slice off the areas I didn't want.

You could also develop one side in a flat sheet and make it a surface. Copy it the appropriate number of times and put the puzzle together.
Thanks, I'm not really sure on how to slice it because how do you know where to slice it. We already have it drawn in flat sheets, but it's hollow and we want it as a solid.
If you have the hollow part it should now be easy. Create a sphere that is at least as large (radius) as the distance from the center of the dodecahedron to any one of the "point" intersections on the outside. Larger than that would be ok. Move the sphere so the center is in the center of the dodecahedron. Invoke the slice command and use one of the surfaces of your hollow dodecahedron as the cutting plane, removing the material outside of it. Repeat with all surfaces and then delete or move your hollow part. What is left of the sphere will be your solid dodecahedron.
Alright, I got you on most of it, but we're still confused on how to put the sphere in the center of the dodecahedron. We cannot figure out the view to put it in the center of it.
Find the center of the dodecahedron by making a few crossing lines from corners or surfaces of you hollow, plane model. Now just select "move" select the sphere, from, snap to center od sphere, to , snap to intersection of crossed lines inside dodecahedron.
We finally did it, but we did it with a cube around the the hollow dodecahedron. Thanks for your help anyways. You got us started and we went off of what you were saying. Thanks.

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