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How to get properties of all lines and texts in a drawing with VBA?!


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I'm familliar with VBA, I have made a lot of scripts in Excel and worked with .net VB but in Catia
I'm stuck and any help would mean very much to me.
I need to make a script which would get all properties of all lines and all texts in a drawing document. I really don't know how to do that. I don't know how to reference lines or texts. I'm not able to do the "for each" loop to get all lines or texts. Please help.
And my second question is how to get all properties of just some selected texts or lines?
The properties I need are line style,weight, color, startpoint,endpoint.... and of the texts- font,color,angle,size,position....
I hope someone will give me a hand with my problem because i'm on the edge of my nervs!!
Marko Svaco,

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