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How to get rid of Shape Font?


New member
How do I get rid of a request for a shape font (hksltype.shx) that is always popping up? The consultant that sent us the drawing claims that they don't have the font available to send to us. Without it, it seems as if I can't get rid of it.
Once I found same thing happen with one of friend and he found a custom linetype that I was able to purge. That removed the shape file.
It seems odd to me that the consultant is unable to send you the font (or shape) file, unless they experience the same problem and just ignore it all the time.:confused:

Or it could be that they only pass along drawings without opening them, or only use a viewer application like DwgTrueView when they need to look at them or print them.:rolleyes:

It seems the consultant is either unknowledgable about CAD, or doesn't care to take the time to track down the file on their system(s).:eek:
Getting rid of shape fonts

If you can't get the original shape file, try copying any other .shx file, and renaming it to the name of the offending shape file.

The drawing may not display correctly, but it will stop the annoying pop up.

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