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How to make a link between the annotation and partname?



Dear guys,
Some trouble stop my working, yearning for your help.
I have a drawing from a product which contain some ISOmetric views, the ISOmetric view was made up of one part or several parts. Now, I want creat annotation for every part by the command "Text with leader", the annotation content is same as the partname. how can i make a link between the annotation content and the partname and the annotation content should can update automaticly when I modify the partname and update the product?

help me pls! thanks a million. I do in CATIA V5R14.
Use part properties...

Hello javen.zhang,

I can tell you how it should be done but I don't know the exact commands in Catia.

  1. In the 3D Part - Each 3D part should have default properties such as Part Name, etc. There should also be a way to add your own properties such as Part Number, Material, etc. Each of these properties should have indentifier tag such as [file_name,part_name]
  2. In the 2D Drawing - When you execute the leader text command, there should be a way to specify that part's property tag instead of typing the actual text. Then every time, the drawing is loaded, that property tag is extracted from the part is used for the text.
So start with the 3D part and learn about setting default part properties and what their identifies are.

Then in the Drawing, find out how to specify a part default property in a text string.

That should do it.

Let's get some actual Catia users to respond to give you the actact cammands to use but this is how it's done.

Hope this helps.
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