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How to move sketch under a pocket feature in specification tree


New member

I'm sorry if this problem has already been answered before, but I could not find a similar example.

In my specification tree I have a pocket (Slidske_pocket) based on a sketch (Sliske_sketch). But for some reason I cannot get the sketch under the pocket in the specification tree as is the example with e.g. Fjederhul_krop_pocket and Fjederhul_krop_sketch.
I have added a screenshot of the situation.

How do I reorder the Sliske_sketch?
Does it have any affect on my part that I am not aware of? (The geometry of the part is as expected)
And how did it happen to begin with?

Specification tree.jpg

Thank you,


Super Moderator

The attached picture is too small to read, but it looks like you are using the Hybrid Design mode for this model. In this mode, sketches are displayed in the tree in the order they are created and they are not displayed under the solid feature parent. This is the normal structure of the tree for this mode of operation.