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How to overcome font issues when opening AutoCAD files in Solid Edge?


New member

I'm using the free version of UGS Solid Edge 2D Drafting V20. When I try to open a dwg file created in the AutoCAD 2004, most of the stuff comes out OK, except all the font are messed up. Most of the words has the discription such as "pt0.07 104,1056,34;" and followed by the actual words. I found out that they are grouped together, and they can be ungrouped and have the discription deleted manually. Is there any simpler way of making Solid Edge not to display those? Much appreciated!

Another issue is the font size in one of my multi-line text box just simply getting bigger and bigger each line, until it's way too big to fit in the title block. Any suggestion on overcoming that, too?

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