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How to pick "one by one" in WF?


New member
In WF, when creating a round, how do I select the edges in the "One by One" selection method? Like when creating a round, you could choose the edges by "Tangent Chain" or "One By One". In WF when you select an edge, it grabs up the entire tangent chain. I do not want the entire tangent chain, I only want one portion of the chain, i.e. One by One. Any suggestions?


New member
After selecting an edge segment, bring the cursor back over it causing it to pre-highlight again. A screen tip should come up and a message in the status bar saying "1 One-by-One Chain". Press the SHIFT key, select the same segment again and (holding SHIFT) proceed to collect segments. You can also, after pressing SHIFT, RMB to cycle thru the available collection modes (tan, loop, etc.).