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How to plaster/snug-fit a flexible sheet onto a rigid body?


New member

I want to plaster or snugly fit a thin flexible sheet onto a rigid body's surface. How can I do this with UG? If impossible with UG, which program should I use?

Starting point of the problem is this:
I have a design which will be produced from a flexible plastic material. When produced, this flexible planar part will be plastered or fit onto a rigid body's cylindrical face..Normally, I made the design as planar, because this sheet will anyways take the bent shape since it is flexible... Now, I have to make FEA analysis of my flexible shape while it is plastered or fit onto that rigid body with cylindrical shape...However, my part was designed as planar, but I have to make the analysis with its bent shape onto the rigid body. I cannot fit or plaster my thin flexible sheet onto that rigid body using UG. How can I do that?

Thanks very much in advance.


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