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How to redefine sketch in 2001?


New member
Hi all,
I use WF2 since day one I use pro e. However, I need to use 2001 for doing some old projects without slim chances to convert them to later version.

The "series pull down type" user interface made me mad sometimes, even for some simple commands, such as modifications of existing feature, could make me stop on my work. It is kind of going back in times before the world begins.

My question is: there is an pipe (3D sweep feature), & I need to redefine the profile (sketch of its trajectory), I was lost in the pull down menu. (even though I know it is straight forward once I get it for first time, but no one can tell me this right now!)

Can someone shine some lights to me on this kind of knowledge? Such as explanation of some meanings of most common used feature, or reference charts? That would be apprecipated.



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