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How to reduce segments in DXF file


New member
Hello! I am extracting points coordinates (X,Y) from DXF file. The problems is that there are tens of thousands of points extracted, but I need up to few hundred points. How can I reduce the number of points and segments. The files are exported from Eagle (PCB design) and it is not too complex. I can't export new files with smaller amount of points and lines, but I can work with the DXF files using AutoCAD. Thanks a lot!


New member
Can you upload a screenshot or maybe the dxf itself? I have a guess - you have a shtload of points because you use non-circular curves to create the PCB layout, those curves generate a high number of vertexes, try converting those irregular shapes to arcs. You need the points to enter them into a CNC machine? I could try simplifying the dxf for you in catia. Some point extractors (image below) have filters for the curve types - the 3D polylines are the worst. An arc only needs 3 points to be defined