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How to Suppress a Drafting view?




Is there a way to suppress a drafting view? Or can we make it to have the view auto delete depending on expressions?

Thanks is advance.
"Suppressing" a drafting view

I don't think you can suppress a drafting view, but here is how I handle it. By right clicking the view border and select "Manual Rectangle". Then simply pick two points outside the normal in (in blank space). The view is effectively suppressed.

Hope this helps

James D. Rawlinson
Project Engineer/CAD Support Specialist
Goodrich Hoist and Winch Power Systems
Diamond Bar CA
Hi Callahan,
Try to set the view to "reference". See if it helps.
Have a nice day.
You can supress drafting object if you set environment variable UGII_DRAFT_EXPRESSIONS_OK=1 and then you can access the expressions through drafting. But I dont recommend this setting as you actually can control the model through drafting. About visible in view, the solid layer should be controlled not the view.
Activating expressions in drafting gives you the ability to suppress drafting objects with expressions, such as annotations, dimensions and notes.

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