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How to update part family members in an assembly?


New member
Hi Guys,

I have created a part family (handwheel) and had it placed in an assembly (valve).

When i change my shaft part's diameter in my assembly, how do i make the hole diameter of the FOP handwheel change automatically when i perform a part family update?

Some sound advice on this will be greatly appreciated.
ok i shall talk you through the basics of assemblies, and the using equations for dimentions.

firstly you create an assembly file, fire up the expressions editor (right hand side window if your using nx4) and go through and name all of the dimentions you want to interact with each different part, you can also add clearances here, using basic boolean stuff. like -+X/ to get a dimention.
eg... a car engine head bolt. you need to increase the size of the bolt and everything automatically updates

then when you go model the parts, you just type the name of the dimention you want tied to something else, and then a value. it will then update everything within your assembly,

thus saving you a billion years when your custumer at the last minute changes the specification for a bolt for the 54054038043th time.

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