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I-DEAS help needed badly!


New member

I am experiencing the following problem with i-deas. I don't normally use i-deas at work but now we received an i-deas data package from a customer. I have to open the package files in i-deas and export it as step in order to work on it with a different software. This worked fine with other data packages but the biggest one (12gb) refuses to open in i-deas. we have tried everything we know but nothing works. how can I open the package file in a way that i don't loose the assembly structure? can i open it with some other software and then export it as step? I also found the i-deas bin-system confusing to say the least. How can i find the root assembly which includes all the data in the package?

Yes the TDM can be confusing at times.

For the package file

The only thing you can do is make sure the place you are getting your package file from is on the same verions of I-Deas that you are on. ALso why Export out to step form I-Deas. It would so much easier modifying a part in I-Deas that has history than exporting out and working on a part without part history.

The only other way to get the information from your source is by using a universal file.

To do this hit CTRL+M to bring up the side menu Type in /xto in the comman line then go to file export then export app data.

This will export a universal file out with out library information. It just exports what is in your Model file.

What type of error do you get when you try to open the package file?

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