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I-Deas Mash


New member
I-Deas Mesh

Hallo, I have a part with two different Mesh´s. (blue, green)

How could I create a connection between this two mesh´s?

They should be in all degrees of freedom connected.

the boundary condition is on the curve.

sorry for my bad english



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New member
Hi druckgott.

There are two ways to address this problem.

1. There are two circles and you have mentioned that it is one part. So you can merge the two edges and have only one edge. So when you mesh the outer surface first, the mesher puts nodes on the circle and forms elements. Then you mesh the inner circle and the mesher will use the existing nodes as the "Seed" and complete the meshing. Probably you will have to work on the element quality.


2. You can simply connect the nodes on the inner circle to the nodes on the outer circle using rigid bars.

I would personally recommend the First method.

Good Luck.


New member
Hallo, I have test 1 way, but it do not work.

Here you can see it before the second mesh.

I have created a volume part there the stemps on the bottom.

The I have created the boundary on the circle.
After that I have created green mesh.

Then I have created the inner of the ring as Surface by Boundary.

The I mesh the inner of the ring.

But it do not work.

Here a pic bevor the mesh of the surface of the inner ring