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I need to learn SE fast! Any suggestions?




I need to learn Solid Edge fast! Can anyone point me to some good tutorials?

Take a look at these links

Hello GoldDigger,

Not sure how this post stayed on the board so long without a reply but here it is anyway. Take a look at the following links:

Solid Edge Tutorials:

Admin Tutorials
API Tutorials
Assembly Tutorials
Customization Tutorials
Data Echange Tutorials
Drafting Tutorials
Modeling Tutorials
Mold Design Tutorials
Rendering Tutorials
Sheet Metal Tutorials
Sketcher Tutorials

Solid Edge Tips
Solid Edge Books
Solid Edge Models
Solid Edge Downloads

Good Luck!
3DCADTips Help Desk :cool:
tudor ?

I have taught myself the basics in just a few months and now I have been using it for about a year.

most of the guys that post know much more than I do, but I can definatly help you with the basics.

I love to teach and I always learn something, so dont hesitate.

If I had someone to ask simple questions of, my frustration level whould have been lower.

Ask away fellow SE user.

If you have to learn SE quickly:

Try running through the tutorials provided with SE.
Even running through previous version's tutorials is helpful.(example V10)
It does give you a great overview of how SE works.

In some cases running through SolidWorks tutorials can be of some help -
in the methodology of creating parts and assmblies.

Most SE resellers are also more than willing to give you a 60min crash course.

SE is intuitive enough for most "PC generation" users to go from there.
If you are not of that generation - personal tutation is still the quickest way.
Even some students will be capable to help - if you put pride aside & are patient enough.

Jokingly said..
So try to make a friend HERE at our SE community that is willing to help.
Maybe post an add: "Tutor needed - will travel"?! ;-)
- WB

"Life is too short to take it up too seriously."
My English translation now does look wrong - doesn't it?
I hope most understood the intention though >> the one who needs tutation should pick up the bill.

I am myself a world traveler (13 countries and counting), but too poor to travel for non-business reasons.
I will not mind to be a tutor - I think?! Just too busy though.

It does change one's understanding of life and things when meeting people from other countries in their countries.
That is even true for neighbouring countries.

Just wish nations could share more tech knowledge across borders though..
We try though - don't we?
Hi to all you :) CADs,

In an earlier post in this thread, I have suggested that one should work through the tutorials sent with the SE program package, to quickly come up to speed in using SE. I have done so with great success utilising V5, V10, V17 and V18 tutorials. (V5 was the only "loan" version)

Someone has asked me per private post:
If you have started with SE V18, how do you get your hands on earlier version's tutorials.

>> That said without getting that earlier versions and actually installing them.

I must confess that I simply do not have an answer. Maybe an archive somewhere - maybe UGS?
(My reseller is dragging his feet on restoring my UGS web access - do not know why though.)
Maybe YOU have an answer? Does UGS have an archive like this.

Please log in, press the "POST REPLY" button, and help us out.

Thanks :D
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