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Ideal programme requirements



I am in the process of building a computer and was wondering what would be the ideal system setup (videocard, processor...) for using solid edge, staying in the 1000$ range.
Computer requirements - not easy

Hi friends,

I must concure.
It is very much dependable on what you wish to do with your SE.
We have found also that V17 runs more stable than V18 (?!) for
a lesser computer.

We use DIY Celeron 2.8GHz, 1024MB ram (!!), 80GB hardisk and
GeForce FX5200. But that was chosen because of our budget restraints.
Our guys suffer with bigger assemblies - it takes long to render.

Commercial gaming cards is not the best idea to use.
But the cards recommended by the link given is not the only ones to consider.
(We intend to upgrade our cards to FX6800.)

Tell you what - why do you not set up a workstation through DELL's website and see what they use for recommended mechanical CAD systems.
If you have around Euro2,200.00 to spend, then buy a DELL.

To my mind the most important is the graphics card, the motherboard (comm speed), then memory and then the processor.
The processor - look at the front side bus, then the cash and after that the speed of the processor.
So what do you have money for??

My personal choice would be the Intel 2 core DUO with 256MB PCIe x16 (DVI/VGA) nVidia Quadro FX 3450 graphics and x2 1024 MB ram.
(Dell Precision Workstation 390 Desktop)

- I would love to hear other's opinion.
- ;) money donations also welcome to buy us what we wish for..

Hi William,

Thank you for your feedback.
Would you like to elaborate on your statement quoting V17 runs more stable than V18? In what sense and area do you find that noticable?

If you refer carefully to the system requirements quoted by UGS, GeForce and other gaming graphics cards are not recommended for Solid Edge. Fairly speaking, Solid Edge do not need a high-spec machine to run, but if your application requires to design more complicated and huge designs, a better spec machine will be much appreciated.

However, if you've the budget to spare, i would personally suggest workstation class machines from either DELL or HP. IF you would ask me, i'll prefer those XW machines from HP. You don't neccessarily need DualCore or CoreDuo processors; P4 works just as well. For optimal performance, you would probably need more memory (at least 1GB) and a reasonably good graphics card (Quadro series).

The above suggestions are based on my experience in supporting Solid Edge with SI applications.

Dear Andrew,

Thanks for your answer. Our friend "machew" has a good answer now.

My suggestion on PC is wishfull thinking.
Our group is running on the Celeron system explained earlier.
Sadly we do not have the budget to buy even the minimum requirement.

V17 has given us less crashes than V18 does when it comes to using
Virtual studio.

Let us leave it to "machew" to decide if our help was helpful.

William B
Hi William,

I emphatize on your budget constraint to purchase a good machine for SE usage. Not everyone have the luxury to own a fast machine. =)

I do agree with you that VS get cranky at times. It hangs on me pretty much on V16 previously. Haven't done much on V18 though. I'm currently testing on V19.

Pardon me but do you mind sharing your application in your present role?
Yes, i hope Mr. Machew have a better idea now if he's tuning in at all? =P
Good day!

Andrew: please read your personal messages.

Machew: Please let us know if we solved you problem.

Thanks for the help

Thanks alot William and Andrew for the tips and info. I for sure now have a better idea of what to look for. Im probably going to look into getting a dell.
Thanks again

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