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I'm running out of ideas


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Can somebody give me a hint on how to do this


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mirror images?

If the two parts are symmetrical, how about adding a mirror feature to get the other side?
this it the thing. That angled portion is not exacly 45deg (it's 40 i think), and i need the vertical portion and horizontal portion to be 90 deg. to each other. And as if that wasn't bad enough i was hoping for two seperate part bodies, DONE IN SHEETMETAL (so that i can flaten them out for waterjetting). I just don't know how to get them to where they are supposed to be.

Might just have to use assambly to do it:(

file attached in first post for all curious.
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I agree with your approach of an assembly made up of two CATPart sheetmetal parts.

If the first part is bent 40 degrees, I guess the second one will be bent 50 degrees in the opposite direction (or 90deg minus the bend angle of the first part). right?
yes, that's right MrCatia.

I have a lot of brackets like that, and making them all assambly would double the amount of catparts i already have (from 200 to close to 400), which is what i'm trying to avoid. The brackets are rivited and welded together so having them in seperate partbodies, in same catpart would be IDEAL (i think:confused:i could be wrong ). I'd be able to unbend them seperatly, and i'd be able to detail them together, and they would act as one part in assambly...... but it's not working in this case.

oh well....One or two extra won't hurt, i guess....i'll do that then.

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