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Imagine and shape


New member

I'm trying to familiarize myself to the Imagine and Shape workbench but I haven't been able to find any good tutorials. Does anyone know where I could find say video tutorials or otherwise good tutorials for that workbench?

following question: Is it possible to create a catpart in shape design workbench and then import it into imagine and shape workbench to modify it there more freely? i tried to simply just copy and paste as result but it didn't worked out. do you have to import it some special way? it should be possible because in imagine and shape you can use some of the generative shape design tools such as extrusion, split and so on.

A CATIA CATPart file is hybrid, meaning that it can contain a mixture of solids, surface (shapes) and wireframe geometry together.

So you don't have to make a special file just for the shape geometry. Instead, open the file with the solid part, change the workbench, and add the new geometry to the same file.

You can use solid geometry to make surfaces. And you can use surface geometry to make solids.

Depending on your Tools+Options settings, the solid geometry will located in the PartBody section of the tree. And the surface and wireframe geometry is normally located in Geometric Sets.

You should look into taking a class.
I think I didn't explained myself clearly enough. Let's try it again. I'm not trying to add a part made in Imagine and shape to a part made in GSD or vice versa. What I'm trying to do is 1. Create a part in Generative shape design. 2. Get that part made with GSD tools into Imagine and shape workbench. 3. Tweak it there without creating anymore surfaces or anything in the Imagine and shape workbench. I just want to move vertices and surfaces freely. I would like to use for example sculpting tool to modify a part made ONLY in GSD. You can do that of course if you create the part in Imagine and shape workbench.

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