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Import problem?


New member
I´m trying to import a geometry from Maya ,so i export as.OBJ ,(because as far as i know maya can´t export as 3ds).
And when i try to open it in 3d studio max, the geometry looks the same in wireframe ,but when i go to smooth + highlights the scene (a simple bedroom 4 walls ,floor,and ceiling)
the exterior side of the room, looks ok, but the interior side of the bedroom turns out to be invisible in the perspective and the rest of the views as well in the render view.

And i think that maybe the normals are flipped,how can i invert them in studio max?

If anyone would like to help me out ,i´ll be very grateful, because to be honest, i´m having a hard time understanding the max UI, I´m used to the maya UI

Also , the "control+c" (copy) doesn´t work, i look at the autodesk page and i read that they are aware of the issue and they are trying to fix it , meanwhile does anybody know how to copy an object from a max scene and paste it in another max scene.?

Thanks for any suggestions.
If you have to flip all the normals on an object, you can apply the normal modifier. If you just have to flip a few normals, you can apply an edit poly modifier, go to the face subobject level, select the polys you want to flip, and hit the "Flip" button under the Edit Polygons rollout.
As for the ctrl+c question, All you have to do is open the scene you want to copy the object to, click File>Merge, select the file containing the object you want to copy, and select the object you want in the new scene from the window that opens. Ctrl+c makes a new camera from your active viewport. You don't 'copy and paste' objects traditionally, instead you clone objects. Shift+clicking & dragging will make a clone, as will going to Edit > Clone (ctrl+v).

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