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Importance of accuracy



I want to know what is the importance of accuracy in mold design ?
How to set it if error message coming during extraction of cores?
We have another post that might help.

Hello spiritualer,

It's good to see again. Glad that you are becoming a regular visiting member.

Is this related to your other post where you asked:

"Im working with pressure die casting dies, there is acomponent have mulptiple core juntions. In pro mold when I try to gather the internal coer or try it by slider it shows error " there may be slight misalignment or accuracy error". Now no matter how much i decrese the accuracy this dodesnt work? If some one can hlp me in pro mold send me an email or his id i will contact him."

We discussed accuracy in that post. Is this post related to the same situation you encountered then?

You also asked if someone could model the mold for you if you supplied the part. Did you post that request in our "Help Wanted" Forum? I remember now that you wanted to upload the part model but out file size limitation prohibited it. Do you still want to do that or do you have a link where someone can download the part file?

3DCADTips Help Desk :cool:

help desk. I m very glad that you remember me having so many memebers.
the post is related to the previous post but the thing is i dont have proe EMX .so first tell me how to i can get EMX cd . the company in which i m working do not have the AMC from proe dealer due to which they are not giving assistance in this case.
If you can help me.
A few questions

Hello spiritualer,

We try to remember everyone, especially those that come back often. We appreciate your confidence in our site.

I just a had a couple questions. I'm not a Pro/E user so correct me if I'm wrong. EMX is the mold extension, correct? Have you purchased it yet? If not, then the fact that you don't have an active maintenance contract should not matter. If you don't have EMX, then that would be a new purchase. New purchases do not fall under an AMC. You should be able to contact your dealer to purchase it.

If you already have EMX and you simply lost the CD, then you should still be able to contact you dealer to get a replacement. If you have EMX and want technical support, they are not oblicated to help you without an AMC.

Maybe some other Pro/E users can share in this discussion as well.

3DCADTips Help Desk :cool:

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