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Importing attributes into AutoCAD



Does anyhow know of a macro, or just a means to import the 'custom properties' (attributes) from a Solidworks Drawing into AutoCAD's attributes file. It seems to be very easy to extract from AutoCAD to SW but not the reverse??? :confused:

Also this is for a large amounts of files so, manually achieving the task is far too daunting!:eek:

Perhaps a VB macro will need to be created

any ideas??

Thanks in advance
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Sorry, I have no ideas.

SolidWorks registers it's variables as microsoft variables, in ACAD you might be able to find a routine that can read microsoft variables and thus would have the SW variables.
Answer to my own Question

Hi all,

Since I only work at this job 2 days per week, it has taken me some time to completly solve my problem.. However I do have an answer and I believe this may help anyone who faces the same issue in the future.

Step 1: Exporting custom properties from Solidworks: The simplest way i found to extract this data is to export them from PDM works. Right click on the drawing, Document Info, Output to file, change file type to comma delimited (csv).
For users without PDM works or similar.. The same can be achieved simply by using SW through; File, Properties, Custom Properties (tab). Then selecting all rows from the left side row labels. (note: this method has flaws if perfroming for multiple drawings because data may not be in uniform order, this is required for steps further onwards)

Step 2: Should you require drawing no. also this must be obtained from the part document properties. Simply repeat step 1 for the part.

Step 3: Join the data from both spreadsheets and rename as an .xls (remember the layout of the spreadsheet as this will need to be uniform if multiple files drawings are being created)

Step 4: Obtain CADTool from the demo works fine or purchase the full version..

Step 5: Follow the tutorial on hot linking excel spreadsheets to blocks

Step 6: Save the linked block to chosen file address

Step 7: Insert Block in AutoCad as many autocad dwgs as u please.. all that is required is that u set the link to the appropriate excell file..

I hope this helps..

Pls feel free to ask for more help if needed as I had to rush the last few steps

Hope someone finds my hours of toil useful


In batch mode?

Are you able to do that procedure in batch mode for many drawings at a time? You mentioned that in your initial post. I was just wondering .

Sadly no. The process is done for each dwg. However I managed to get the time down to under 4 mins per file. This equates to 4.5 days of file manipulation.. good times to be had :D
More Detail

Should anyone required a further step-by-step guide I have compliled an official document as a requirement for my workplace.. Just let me know and I'll post it somewhere

Attach it to this thread...

Can you zip it up and attach it to a post to this thread? Then others can download it if they want.

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