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Importing IFC 2x3 into SolidWorks


New member
Hello everyone,
this is my first post ever in a forum, so I hope I am in the right place and someone can maybe help me.

I am currently writing my bachelor thesis on the compatibility of IFC-Files with CAD and CFD programes. For this, I need to open a rather big IFC-File with SolidWorks, to test the simplification abilities of SolidWorks with the IFC model. At first I could't open it. So I tries Microstation which worked just fine. So I tried to transform the IFC into a STEP file for easier import. I used Microstation and the IfcConvert Tool for this. Neither did work. After that I tried the --ignore types operation of IfcConvert, to make the IFC smaller. Which didn't work. Then I tried deleting some of the outer Parts of the model that I didn't needed. I used simplebim for that. That worked pretty well, but I couldn't open the model again. Not as IFC or STEP.

So here is my question: Has anyone ever encountered something similar? Is there a way to open the file, that I haven't tried yet? My Computer is maybe not the fastest, but it should definitley be able to open these Files.

I am looking forward for any helping suggestions!!