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Importing Neck Finish Solids



I design plastics and (on average) design about 2 - 3 plastic bottles a week. Most of these have a standard neck finish. Having to draw the same neck in the same way so many times is leaving a lot of room for human error.

I was just wondering if there is anyone else who is in a similar situation, and what sort of a system you have in place that help with this.

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The easiest way to accomplish this is to save the neck details as a template and start each design with this. This way you can start from the neck down.

The other way is to carefully create a library feature for the neck. Then you can drag the neck into the model, reattach the dangling references and have what you want.

The last approach isn't easy, but works well once you get everything working.
neck finsih

both the option told by my friend Bcampbell works well and thge easiest one.

But i wud love to share my trick also whcih i use sumtimes while working with these kinda things

create a part model with only the neck portion. (u can also have different congs)

now create another part with the base.

now open a new asy and mate both the things and then save the assy as a part chosing the option all the parts.

open the part file and combine both hte bodies.

the only limitaion is that u can not edit the part created bcoz the bodies are imported body

hope this also works for u


Deepak Gupta

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