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Importing Photoshop into Rhino

I have a couple of questions. A friend, who used to design at Tiffany, asked if I can help get her jewelry business off the ground by making 3d versions of her jewelry for casting. I’m very new to Rhino and 3d but decent at Illustrator and PhotoShop. I have use of Rhino 5 for about 4 hours a day which gives me enough time to really become dangerous.

She gave me PhotoShop files of words created with a chick font. She creates the words by overlaying a bunch of white lines and dots to modify the font. I going to find out if she modified the text spacing as well. I believe she did.

Would it had been better if she did it in Illustrator? I am trying to get it into Rhino. I’ve copied and pasted, saved as every format, and imported it into AI and exporting them as a .dwg or .dxf. My problem is the word comes in with a background I played with all of the layers and merged etc. I also tried saving without the background. But again the export from AI background.

There are two times I was actually successful and of course saved the 3d file. I can give it the depth and dimension she’s looking for so I’m pretty sure I can be successful helping her. But I can’t for the life of me remember how I did it.

Another question is please point me to any resource I wouldn’t have thought of myself ie: You Tube basic searches.

So can someone help me to figure out the best way to transfer these words to Rhino?

Thanks in advance,