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Insertion of centerline


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I'm currently using WF3 and I can't find how you could insert a centerline through a cylinder in an imported part. I'm trying to analyze the center to center distance of two holes in a imported iges file. Any suggestions?
Insert > datum > Axis > now pick the cylindrical hole.
repeat for the next cylindrical hole.
The above will work if the hole is cylindrical (i.e. imported geometry is good)
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You can find it in Insert>Model Datums>Axis or go to datum tool bar and click on axis tool, then click on hole or any revolved surface and it is done.
Insertion of Centerline

If the hole geometry is not cylindrical (at least not recognized by Pro/E as being so) then you can create a Sketched Point at the center of a construction circle. This would even work for a symmetrical, non-circular cut. The circle is used as tangent to your symmetrical edges, or in the case of a non-perfect cylinder, tangent to 3 edges that approximate the cylinder represented. Then create the axis through that point.

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