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Inventor drawing to Autocad drawing



I couldn't able to convert Inventor drawing into Autocad drawing, i.e., if i pick a save as button on inventor drawing mode, save file type- *.dwg is not visible/available,
so please inform me, how to fix this error.
Save Copy as .sat

Inventor should allow you to do a Save Copy as a .sat (ACIS) type file. From there you can insert this file in ACAD (open ACAD first) then from the Insert pull down menu under ACIS the .sat file at selected location and do a zoom extends. Check to see if ACAD will recognize the object as a solid part or assembly. This should get u started.

what version of inventor are yuou using? you can convert inventor drawings to autocad with the "save as" command... i do it almost daily

Jonny P. Johnston
Designer/Project Engineer
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Hello everybody
I dont know how to make gear with tooth to be an angle (Beta angle) in Autodesk Mechanical Desktop 2006.
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