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Inventor tables !! help !!


William DeWitt

Hi Group, This is the first time for me to use this form, but I do read it often
For Some of my history i cad
I started with acad R 2.6 some time ago, as time passed moved mech desktop.
For the last 5 years have been using Inventor
I also use sw 2007, PROE wildfire 3 and cata r5
I would like to know how to create a tabulation 6 columns by 20 rows in an inventor r10 drawing as our company uses this format to show a
part from start to finish
123-0000-900 raw mat
123-0000-901 machined no thread or broaching
123-0000-902 threaded
123-0000-903 broached
123-0000-001 chem film finished part

I tried Excel 2003 but its another fill that must be kept with drawing, also I can't get the line type to match drawing (is looks as if it was pasted

in)and the cells are sized as points not inches as is the font Word 2003 is better looking has 1/2 point line cells are in inches font are still in

points and again I must keep the word doc with drawing file both of these don't work well for this company. So I have made a symbol of 20 +

tabulation styles that we use. This takes a lot of time to create / or modify when needed . please help me with an easier way of doing this.

SolidWorks has a spread sheet icon to allow these tables / tabulation to be created on the fly.
When using Inventor R10, if I needed to place a table on my drawing, I used the Revision Table then added rows as required and modified the table style to add or delete columns.

Inventor R11 has a table object that is alot more useful.
Thanks robf70837 ]for the sujestion but I fine this to work on some of my needed tables and they can't be reused in other files

You can use the Parts List table and edit it to your needs then export it as an Excel doc. When you have created a Parts List choose "Edit Parts List" (Pic1). With the "Table Layout" button you can change heding and table layout (Pic2). With the "Column Chosser" button you can delet unwanted colums and add new colums (Properties) (Pic3). When you have edited your table to your needs you can export it as an Excel doc checking all checkboxes to have the table formatted as you created it (Pic4). The Excel doc can be inserted and edited in the drawing (Pic5) (use the insert object create from file method). It looks kinda crappy in the drawing but comes out quite nice when printed.


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